Sunday, November 28, 2010

"The Revenge of the Fallen Reboot" Lives Again!

Last night, I figured I would have a lot of free time today to write.  Although I have a chapter of Battle for the Wastelands I can finish up quickly, it has also been nearly three months since I updated "The Revenge of the Fallen Reboot."

(I wrote the last parts of that chapter while waiting for my friend Jamie's birthday party to start at DragonCon.)

Considering how I could finish the first draft of the Battle chapter today anyway and how it's been a long time since I've done anything for my loyal readers from the "Transformers" fandom, I decided to bang out another chapter for "Revenge."  Three to four hours and 2,131 words later, it's done.

This chapter is entitled "Then I Saw Another Beast, Coming Out of the Earth," an allusion to Revelation 13:11 in which we meet the False Prophet, who is depicted as being a ram-like beast coming out of the ground.  My story features the Fallen being entombed in Jbel Toubkal in Morocco so that he actually rises again (as the opening of the actual film implied) and I figured an appropriate Biblical allusion would make the project a bit more literary and classy.  This opposed to the crassness that made parts of Revenge of the Fallen so annoying.

(Seriously, an asexual alien robot humping Megan Fox's leg?  Giant robot balls?  Michael Bay, I loved the first film and didn't hate the second film, but this was just silly.)

In order to make the tank combat semi-realistic, I had to get into my Character Sketches file and use some of the material I had gathered while doing research for The Gates of Vasharia.  Hopefully the scenes from Lennox's perspective of the M1 loading and firing its main gun will ring true for any Armor veterans out there.

Here's the link to the new chapter.  If you haven't read the rest of it, you can always bounce back to the first chapter.
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  1. As I recall there were male and female autobots in the Transformers cartoons back in the 80s. Not the first season, but they did add female autobots like Elita-1 and RC. Why have different genders at all? Also, remember when Megatron returned to the Fallen, he was first greeted by Starscream. That homecoming wasn't pleasant as Megatron choked Starscream against a wall of "eggs" where transformer hatchlings were. Starscream even choked out "Hatchlings...fragile." Where did those hatchlings come from?

    Granted, from the first movie, you saw that the All-spark could bring life to any machine, but they were all rampaging, out of control creatures. What if the main transformers needed more? Something like the transformer equivalent of parents?

    Perhaps these are some issues you could expand upon to give a logic to the male and female transformers - in "Fallen" there were female motorcycle autobots called the RC twins.

    What do you think?

  2. Okay, conceded on the Cybertronians being asexual. I'd forgotten about the female Cybertronians.

    However, given that they're aliens, why would they be physically attracted to humans?

    Most people aren't attracted to their pets and they've got more DNA in common with us than we'd have with any extraterrestrial.

    One of the fan-fics explained Wheelie's behavior by saying he was very young and his exposure to human culture consisted of a lot of Internet porn and he thought this was how humans expressed affection.

    (Of course, he also called Mikaela "hot." Megan Fox, so hot she induces Heel-Face Turns--see TVTropes--in beings that have no reason whatsoever to be attracted to her.)

    About Transformers having parents, in the story, I depicted Ironhide as having a mate and "son," the latter produced by creating a composite design of the "parents" and giving it life via the AllSpark.

    (I wanted to give Ironhide a tragic backstory, so he'd have a *really* good reason to hate Starscream and be all dark and edgy.)