Tuesday, November 23, 2010

American "Top Gear" Filmed In My Town

Around six months ago, an episode of the American version of Top Gear was filmed at the Griffin-Spalding County Airport in Griffin, GA, the town I report on.

Now the History Channel has posted the full episode online:


From what I've seen of the episode so far, it's pretty fun.  They come up with a rather entertaining sexual metaphor for two car companies collaborating on a "love child"--the Dodge Viper--and play some music from 300 when the Cobra gunship is introduced.  The fact that the Cobra is hunting them all over Griffin certainly explained why I saw it at different places around town as well as doing manuevers over the airport.

I didn't have the chance to do a full story on the filming of the show, but I did take photos of the Cobra helicopter at the airport.



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