Friday, November 12, 2010

New Film Trailer: "Battle: Los Angeles"

Now this looks like of cool.  Another alien-invasion film, in the vein of Skyline.  Kudos to Blackwave from my alternate-history forum for finding this.

This time the alien invaders show some strategic sense.  Rather than bringing down their ships from orbit immediately where they can be attacked by human planes and ground fire, they attack human aircraft and ships (from what we can see in the trailer) via orbital bombardment before actually landing on Earth.

(That'd be a major advantage in any scenario featuring an enemy with orbital supremacy.  The novel Footfall, the "hardest" SF novel I know of featuring an alien invasion where the humans actually win, depicts the aliens smashing elements of the Kansas National Guard and later entire armored divisions with "rods from God.")

I think I'm going to see Skyline with my friend David this weekend.  A pity this one won't come out until March, but that gives time for anticipatory buzz to build.  If Skyline does well, this one, which looks a lot bigger-budgeted, might do even better.

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