Book Covers, Writing Projects, and Where To Find Them

Interested in checking out my writing? Well, here's my Amazon author page. There you can find all sorts of goodies like:

The Thing in the Woods: My Lovecraftian horror novel set in small-town Edington, Georgia in which an Atlanta teen sees something he shouldn't while on an ATV race and all hell breaks loose. First published in May 2017 and available in e-book, print, and audio. Hopefully the first in a series.

Little People, Big Guns: An 118-page horror-comedy inspired by a news story (that's almost certainly fake) about a midget porn star found dead in a badger den. When a little person is killed by a badger and animal control won't take action, four Oklahoma little people arm up and take action themselves. You know you want to read this. :) Also available from Barnes and Noble.

Ten Davids, Two Goliaths: The first of my Kindle Worlds novellas set in the world of Lindsey Buroker's space opera Fallen Empire. This one introduces Geun Choi, a Korean Buddhist warrior-mystic, and his friend Tammy Watson, a recovering drug addict, who both fly for the Tri-Sun Alliance against the authoritarian Sarellian Empire. Here's the link for the non-Amazon markets.

Discovery and Flight: The second "Choi and Watson" Fallen Empire novella, which ties explicitly into the events of Buroker's short story "Remnants." The Tri-Sun Alliance base Choi and Watson call home finds itself fighting for its life against an Imperial battle-group. In this one, I bring in the canon characters Alisa Marchenko and Brad Tomich. Here's the link for the non-Amazon markets.

Digital Science Fiction: Pressure Suite: This collection hosts my first professional-rate sale, the alternate history/military sci fi story "Coil Gun." When the United States and the authoritarian Afrikaner Confederation go to war and the nukes fly, who will win? Available in print and e-book.

Digital Science Fiction: Cosmic Hooey: This collection hosts my novellete "Picking Up Plans in Palma," set a few years before the events of "Coil Gun." An American Irish Catholic spy slips into the Afrikaner Confederation to retrieve some vital blueprints, but finds himself facing sadistic spies and his possible father-in-law. Available in print and e-book.

I am the Wendigo: My first short story sale back in 2006, now available once more for your enjoyment. The terrible wendigo of Native American mythology is on the hunt, and you'll see it from his point of view. Available in e-book and in audio.

Digital Science Fiction: Operative Sequence: A collection of short science fiction stories featuring my story "Illegal Alien." When undocumented immigrants encounter aliens of a different sort, who is getting out alive? Available in print and e-book.

Digital Fantasy Fiction: Uncommon Senses: A collection of short fantasy stories containing two stories I've written. "The Beast of the Bosporus" is a tale of Lovecraftian horror set in the Ottoman Empire, while "Lord Giovanni's Daughter" features an intellectual barbarian hero battling to rescue a duke's daughter from a lecherous snake-man. Available in print and e-book.

The Best of Heroic Fantasy Quarterly: Volume 2: This one features my short story "Nicor," in which a teen Danish boy on his first Viking raid encounters something far more terrible than angry Englishmen. Available in print and e-book.

Lord Giovanni's Daughter: A bookish Conan acculturated to fantasy-world Italy fighting a perverted man-snake. What's not to like? E-book only.

Illegal Alien: Patrido Guzman wanted a better life in the United States and was prepared to cross the border illegally to get it. But when he and his band encounter actual extraterrestrials, not everybody is coming out of this alive. E-book only. Here're non-Amazon links.

Lord of the Dolorous Tower: In a fantasy world ravaged long ago by a celestial impact, two adventurous boys break into the tomb of a fallen Dark Lord. Things don't work out as planned. E-book only.

Melon Heads: My first independently-published short story, this dark comedy-horror is based on an urban legend from northern Ohio. Who's more dangerous, frat boys or deformed cannibals? E-book only.

Ubermensch: The first of two (and maybe more in the future) stories featuring Indian-American supervillain and Nietzsche fan Andrew Patel. What happens when the costumed hero Silverbolt tries to spoil his plans? E-book only. Available on non-Amazon markets here.

Picking Up Plans in Palma: An Irish Catholic intelligence operative, sent on a desperate and likely doomed mission into an apartheid-like African superpower, has to find some blueprints and get out alive. Will family drama save him or damn him? E-book only. Here are non-Amazon links.

Sam: To save the life of a little girl, a Doberman Pinscher has to fight a mysterious Bad Thing. If you liked the novel Thor or the film Bad Moon, you'll like this.

The Beast of the Bosporus: The Ottoman grand vizier seeks forbidden knowledge to fight his Western foes after the Battle of Lepanto. His quest will bring him into contact with the Great Old Ones. E-book only. Here are non-Amazon links.

Needs Must: The second adventure of villainous Andrew Patel. What happens when he has to team up with Silverbolt? Available on non-Amazon markets here.

Nicor-A Danish boy on his first Viking raid encounters something altogether different from the English warriors he was expecting.

From the time I played in other people's sandboxes, here's my page, home of such highlights as

The Wrath of the Half-Blood Prince-At the Hogwarts wizarding school in the 1970s, aspiring DEath Eater Michael Mulciber "pranks" Lily Evans and not Mary Macdonald, prompting her friend Severus Snape to seek violent revenge. The First Wizarding War will go very differently this time.

Lord of the Werewolves-Lupin and Tonks take a different, darker, and in my rarely humble opinion much more in-character path than in the canon Deathly Hallows. Other than my original novels, probably the best story I've ever written.

The Revenge of the Fallen Reboot-I liked the concept of Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen but didn't like how it was executed. So rather than complain, I wrote my own.

The Dragon and the Bear-What if the Russians took the threat of the Domination of the Draka more seriously, starting from late WWI? Goes all the way to a very different Final War.

The Death of the Triton-The fall of the Twelve Colonies from Battlestar Galactica, told from the perspective of the Raptor officer Crashdown.

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