Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Well, I've Gone and Done It...

Well, I've gone and done it.  Last night, I converted my unfinished short story "The Thing In the Woods" to an unfinished novel.  I accomplished this largely by adding a lot of page breaks and chapter headers in order to transform scenes into chapters.  Today I came up with a prologue that will hopefully "grab" my reader more so than the original beginning, which consisted of my protagonist signing in at the local Best Buy.

I haven't produced any new content for it, though.  I think I'll need to reread some Lovecraftian lore I own, including The Lurker at the Threshold and Nameless Cults: The Complete Cthulhu Mythos Tales Of Robert E. Howard in order to get myself in the right frame of mind.

(For those of you interested in Lovecraftian fiction, I'd recommend Nameless Cults heartily.  The short stories "The Black Stone" and "Worms of the Earth" are absolutely brilliant.  Lurker is rather slow, but it's got good descriptive passages and it was produced by August Derleth, Lovecraft's successor, out of two fragments Lovecraft himself wrote.  The book is also 196 pages long, proof one doesn't have to write a 300-500 page longer work to be commercially successful.  I intend to keep The Thing in the Woods relatively short.)

I have produced some new content for my Transformers fan-fic The Revenge of the Fallen Reboot.  Finishing up the last of the "action chapters" (which includes Optimus Prime's battle with the Fallen) might not take as long as I thought it would.  Two more full chapters and an epilogue and then no more fan-fiction for me, although I imagine my colossal Sequel Hook (see TVTropes) planned ending will lead to my readers wanting more.

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