Sunday, March 20, 2011

Two-Minute "Game of Thrones" Clip (SPOILERS)

Looks interesting.  Good character moment with Ned Stark personally executing the man he sentenced to die in front of his son Bran, to teach the boy the gravity of the death sentence.  The scenes where Jon is at the Wall look well-done as well.

Petyr Baelish's outfit seems a little anachronistic--it looks like a tacky 20th Century business suit in a pseudo-medieval environment.  The "Song of Ice and Fire" Wiki describes him as being stylish, so him wearing that kind of outfit makes sense, but still.  He does have the creepy mustache, which is appropriate given his behavior in the books (obsessing over Catelyn Stark, marrying Catelyn's sister when she's not available, obsessing over Catelyn's daughter Sansa, murdering his wife when she gets upset, etc).

I considered getting HBO so I could watch this show (along with True Blood and Boardwalk Empire), but it strikes me as more fiscally responsible to wait until the DVD comes out and then watch it all at once.  Given how all the Blockbusters are closing down, I might need to do it online, either via Blockbuster's delivery service or Netflix.

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