Sunday, March 6, 2011

Moving On Up In the World...

I recently wrote a second column on Sunday alcohol sales in Georgia for the Johns Creek Herald.  The first column was an attempt to engage opponents of Sunday alcohol sales--who are primarily motivated by religion--on their own ground.  I pointed out that since Jesus turned water into wine, Sunday alcohol sales do not represent an infringement on the Sabbath, and that Christians should be leery of attempts to impose religious views on wider society due to past persecutions at the hands of pagans and rivals within Christianity.

This is a shock--I agree with Nathan Deal

This column takes a secular approach--I point out how the ban on Sunday alcohol sales deprives the state of needed tax revenue and how the Republicans in the Georgia Senate, who decided in a party caucus to not bring the bill to the floor rather than actually voting on it, are violating the principles of open government.

Continuing Sunday alcohol ban bad for the state

 Both of my columns were picked up by the Georgians for Sunday Alcohol Sales Facebook group, which organized a protest at the Georgia Capitol the week before last if I remember right.  Between that and the fact I posted both columns on the Facebook page of Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal's press secretary (who I figured would appreciate positive attention given to his boss, who said he would sign a bill to allow local votes), I've gotten a lot of Facebook recommendations and tweets.

Things got better.  Georgians for Sunday Alcohol Sales is conducting a media campaign outside of Metro Atlanta, where most of the opposition to allowing local votes on Sunday alcohol sales is based.  They called the other day asking for permission to use my column.  They're going to submit it to 300 radio stations and newspapers and give full credit and attribution.

Not only will this hopefully turn the tide in favor of allowing Sunday alcohol sales, but it will get my name out there and, since my publisher allows me to include my blog URL at the end of every column, more exposure here.

Life is good right now...


  1. Very nice. Congratulations on getting your name in front of a lot more eyes.

  2. Thanks. Still haven't heard anything about this advertising campaign, but I did see a flier they were putting out.