Saturday, March 19, 2011

An Australian Alternate-History Scenario

What if Dutch shipwreck survivors settled Australia?

That's the basic premise of a new alternate-history scenario on my message-board.  I just found it the other day.

Basically, a Dutch ship wrecks on the coast of Australia around what would become Scarborough, Western Australia in our history.  The survivors establish a settlement and eventually contact the Dutch East India Company again.  More settlers are brought in and a colony is established.

There are some shades of our world's history--an obnoxious governor (like Peter Stuyvesant in New Amsterdam) and a trek of settlers who don't want to live under him and aren't particularly friendly to the natives (think the Boers).

It's only been posted for three days thus far and it already covers sixty-eight years of history.  Aracnid (the board member writing it) has clearly done his research.


  1. Actually I haven't. I was doing a research for a completely different tl (Different Dragon) and half way through decided this was much more interesting.


  2. Aracnid always tends to have very interesting concepts for TLs

  3. @ Aracnid:

    Even if you were doing your research for a different project, you still did the research.

    @ Korsgaard:

    I agree 100%.

  4. Thanks for the comment. No need for the spam links though.