Saturday, March 26, 2011

There Goes One Possible Market...

Chaosium Submissions Page

Well, there goes one possible place to send The Thing in the Woods when it's completed.  I was hoping to send it there, since the concept for the story was inspired by a suggested scenario in one of their role-playing games and it is Lovecraftian in nature.  However, they don't accept unsolicited novels and if they want short fiction, they'll solicit for it.

Still, George Scithers (the late editor of Weird Tales) told me that Lovecraft's ideas and concepts were public domain (as opposed to Robert Howard's, which are most assuredly not), so it's not like the official publisher of Lovecraftian lore is really necessary.  Back when I lived in McDonough, my friend Daryl and I found an anthology of Lovecraftian fiction entitled Cthulhu's Reign published by DAW Books at the local Books-a-Million.  Perhaps they'd be interested if Chaosium is not.

Heck, I'd be a lot more comfortable self-publishing or using Amazon publication for The Thing in the Woods than for my other stuff, since this is a one-shot rather than the beginning of a series and it's my series ideas that are grand and glorious and would really need a major publisher to reach their full potential ("full potential" being epic movies of course--I'd imagined my "Gates of Vasharia" series as being the Lord of the Rings with tanks).  The Thing in the Woods would be the beginning and would pave the way for longer, more elaborate works--I wouldn't be a risky first-time author anymore.

And publication can spin the cash.  A member of one of my writing groups apparently makes a substantial sum per month selling electronic versions of her books through Amazon.  And this market is only going to get bigger as more people get smart-phones, iPads, etc. that enable them to read books electronically.

(I entered that field myself when I read Eric Flint's 1632 on my Evo in a McDonough barbershop, during downtime at my family's Christmas party, etc.)

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