Sunday, January 23, 2011

Productivity Update: Jan. 23, 2011

Crashing with my parents right now because I've gotten a new job (not saying where) but haven't found a new place to live.  Because my computer is at my old apartment, the writing I have gotten done is either when I'm back there packing things up to move or on my parent's computer--basically, a lot less of it.

As far as Battle for the Wastelands is concerned, I've lately fleshed out a few characters and relationships thereof (which will be important for Battle and the sequel, Escape from the Wastelands) and, in the outline, consolidated a few chapters. 

The former is important because character development is one of my weak points--the consensus of the Lawrenceville writing group I'm going to head out to in an hour or so is "make us care about your characters before you kill them."  The latter is important because publishers are reluctant to buy very long novels from first-time writers.  My goal is for Battle to be around 100,000 words long, if not less.

Most of the consolidation has taken place toward the end--content that would have been its chapter has been added to other, more developed chapters, and there will be *** scene breaks.  This means more multi-point-of-view chapters--for much of the story, it has alternated POVs between protagonist Andrew Sutter and antagonist Grendel, with an occasional chapter from the POV of Alonzo Merrill, a rebel leader.  Although there was one dual-POV (Andrew and Grendel) earlier in the story, now there're at least three, one Andrew/Grendel chapter and two Andrew/Alonzo chapters.

Now, the fact I've jammed multiple chapters together doesn't in-and-of-itself mean the final word count will be significantly affected.  However, I don't want individual chapters to go on too long, so I'll try to keep them limited to 5,000 words maximum, with most of them being significantly shorter.

(With 31 planned chapters post-consolidation, each chapter would need to be an average of 3,225.806 words to hit 100,000 exactly.  Obviously there's a bit of fudge-factor to be taken into account, but still.)

I'm going over the second version of Chapter 12 with my Lawrenceville group this afternoon.  I'll try to finish Chapter 13 in time for the next meeting of my Kennesaw group in two weeks.  Basically need to flesh out a relatively small battle (company-sized units on both sides) and its aftermath.  Considering how the chapter includes a substantial revelation about the character Owen Gollmar, it might be getting on the long side.

I did add some extra material to the next chapter of The Revenge of the Fallen Reboot, although I haven't posted a new chapter since I think November or December.  Only two chapters and an epilogue left.  At this point, the Fallen has risen from his North African tomb and all hell is about to break loose.

For those of you interested in the Transformers, here's the story:

Hopefully I'll have it done by Spring.  Maybe a quarter of the next chapter is done and I can write fan-fic chapters extremely quickly, as the readers of my Harry Potter stories can testify.


  1. Nice! Hope it goes well at the critique. I hope to be back there soon. New jobs are great but the time for writing and meeting suffer.

  2. Thanks. The crit group found more places to trim words and had some helpful suggestions in regards to Andrew Sutter's "emo moment" at the end of Chapter 12.

    Are you still in Georgia? I thought you'd moved out of state.

  3. I have visited your blog - will this count for the number of visits - I read your piece on productivity - I always like your writings. Good luck - crashing with parents ain't so bad!

    Joanne Todd

  4. I never said it was bad; I just said that I'm being less productive. I'm also getting more sleep.

    Also, in order to comment, you would have had to visit the individual article as opposed to just scrolling down the main page, so I think this would count as a page-view.