Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Another "Battle: Los Angeles" Trailer

This one is longer than the one I posted before.  It gives us more clues about how the alien invasion actually works--it seems like the rain of meteors are infantry drop-pods a la Starship Troopers rather than orbital bombardment weapons, although the trailer does depict ships and helicopters being destroyed by them.

Perhaps the "meteor shower" consists of rocks or projectiles of some kind as well as infantry drop-pods.  After all, using your infantry as bullets or artillery shells strikes me as a really bad strategy.

On my alternate-history forum, in which I found the trailer, someone theorized the aliens were semi-aquatic.  This could explain an invasion of Earth--which has an ocean--rather than worlds where there are resources but no population to fight (think Mars).  It's also more creative than a lot of invading aliens, which seem to be land animals if not humans-in-suits.

(However, the end of the trailer features something coming out of the ground, which seems to indicate the aliens had something on Earth before they invaded, something fairly big.)

I do like the helicopter with some of the Marines and the refugees getting smashed as soon as it takes off--in real life, death often comes suddenly and brutally rather than in a predictable fashion.


  1. Yeah, I really hope it is great. It reminds me of District 9 in a way.

  2. Maybe the movie will end with us beating them and confining them to a reservation somewhere? :)

  3. Maybe the drop-podded aliens are just bioroids/clones, and therefore the architects of the invasion don't care if some of them get splashed on impact? The invasion could be being done on the cheap by a civilization without access to FTL but with sufficient resources to create an army of expendable soldiers, disguising the invasion force as a meteor shower.

  4. Ah. Expendable cannon fodder.

    If they lack FTL, how'd they get here? Just fire a cloud of skirmishers at an appropriate star system and hope things work out in the hundreds of years it would take to get here?