Friday, January 7, 2011

Egyptian Muslims Serve as "Human Shields" for Coptic Christians

Wow.  I'm impressed.

For those of you who don't want to follow strange links, thousands of Egyptian Muslims have attended the Coptic Church's Christmas Eve Masses (I assume the Coptic liturgical calender is different from the Western Church's) to serve as human shields and deter attacks against the churches by Islamic extremists.  Those doing so have included various Egyptian celebrities, the son of Egypt's president, and many others.  And it doesn't seem like the terrorists have dared try anything.

Good for Egypt's Muslims to defend the Copts, who have been subjected to lots of horrible things over the last few years, and good for Egypt that there's a resurgence in an Egypt identity independent of either faith in which everyone can live together harmoniously. 

I hope the Egyptian Islamist loonies who have been preying on the Copts for years and bin Laden and his ilk all have a collective stroke.

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