Sunday, March 11, 2012

Another "Game of Thrones" Season Two Trailer (Spoilers)

Here's another trailer for the second season of Game of Thrones on HBO.


*It seems either Robb is getting a bit irritated with the whole "marry a daughter of Lord Frey" thing or perhaps Jeyne-gate comes on less suddenly in the TV show than in the books, giving Catelyn time to warn Robb that this is a bad idea.  I was under the impression in the books the first information Catelyn has about Robb marrying Jeyne Westerling was seeing angry Frey soldiers ritualistically trampling Stark direwolf banners and then Robb shows up with Jeyne.

*Some foreshadowing of the lengths Tyrion will go to keep his consort/prostitute Shae safe, with the comments about he expects to have to kill for her.

*Danaerys Targaryen seems a bit miffed about something.  I don't remember what happened in the second book well enough to guess what.

*It looks like they're setting up Melisandre and the shadow-babies--Margarey Tyrell makes some comment about how "your enemy" (I'm assuming Stannis Baratheon) does not like Renly being a king and then we cut to Melisandre's face.

*On the Wall, Jon Snow also seems miffed about something.  I don't remember that storyline will enough to guess what either.

*It doesn't seem like there's anything about the Ironborn in this trailer.  Given how important the Ironborn backstab of the North is to the macro-plot and the ultimate fall of Robb Stark, I would think it would merit more attention.  Of course, I've heard they haven't cast Jojen and Meera Reed, so they might be holding off on that part of the story until Season Three.  Maybe Season Two includes the Ironborn raiding the coast, with Theon Greyjoy's attack on Winterfell being saved for S3?  The Reeds can show up in time for the attack and then we get their storyline with Bran.  After all, if they're detained by Theon for an extend period, they won't have time to do anything but experiment with Bran's psychic visions.

The problem with that theory is that the apparent deaths of Bran and Rickon Stark is what provokes Jeyne-gate.  Delaying the Ironborn conquest of Winterfell means there needs to be some other trigger for Robb to sleep with Jeyne.

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  1. There have been pictures posted on other sites and they have cast Balon Greyjoy and there is a scene of Theon in Lordsport so I don't think they're ignoring the Ironborn storyline, rather they aren't giving anything away at the moment.