Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Au Revoir, Hit Counter...

Over the last few weeks, I've noticed the blog hit-counter I got long ago courtesy of Free Blog Hit Counter that has historically adorned the bottom of each post I've made has grown increasingly inaccurate.

If it was just off by a small number of hits, that would not be a problem. However, now it's claiming I've got only 41,000-ish hits when according to Blogger, I've got 44,300-ish as of today

That presents a slight problem. When the time comes for me to pitch my novels to publishers, I intend to use the success of my blog to show that there's a market for my fiction.  3,300 hits is close to 10 percent of my entire haul, and inaccuracy there could really hurt me.

So over the next few days, I'm going to remove the hit-counter from all 300+ of my blog posts. I really should have listened to Emma Loggins when she suggested I do this a year or more ago. It would have saved me a lot of time.


  1. Use ther blogger plug in, I've never had any issues with it.

  2. Yea, and the fact that you have to re-add it to the bottom makes it unreliable. Though to be fair, on the Dudeletter I have Wordpress, Google anaylitics, Counterizer, and Feedburner all have different counts. It depends what they count.

  3. However, all of them say over 40,000 hits. Not bad for 9 months and 18 days.