Thursday, March 1, 2012

Guest Blogs A-Comin'

During the next couple of weeks, I anticipate having a couple of guest bloggers.  One of them will be James R. Tuck, he of Blood and Bullets, while the other will be J.M. McDermott, author of Never Knew Another and When We Were Executioners, the first two books in the "Dogsland Trilogy."

(I've read and reviewed Blood and Bullets here already.  I haven't read McDermott's books, although the subject matter--innocent half-demons being hunted by religious zealots--reminds me a lot of my stalled early novel Seventeen Sons some of my college friends and members of my Kennesaw writing group might remember.  Once I'm done with this mass of library books I've got out, maybe I'll give his books a look.)

Both of them will write about the writing craft.  Not sure what exactly--I've given them very loose guidelines in hopes I can get the most interesting comments possible.

So stay tuned...

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