Wednesday, March 28, 2012

An Awesome Quote About Classical Liberalism

Courtesy of the alternate-history site I'm a member of, here is a good quote from Carlo Ludovico Cordasco about classical liberalism.

"Being a classical liberal means being a conservative when you need to preserve liberties you already have, a radical when you have to gain liberties you don't have yet, a reactionary when you need to regain liberties you've lost, and a revolutionary when you can't be free any other way. And always progressive, because without liberty, there can be no progress."

Given how some political terms get butchered--I find the propensity of left-wingers to use the term "progressive" irritating because it implies their ideas are truly progressive, when that is very much a matter of debate, while the use of "reactionary" as a slur implies that all social change is good--I think this quote encapsulates just how awesome classical liberalism is.

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