Saturday, February 18, 2012

Life Lessons from the Katy Perry/Russell Brand Divorce...

Found the above article while looking for stuff about the upcoming John Carter movie.

It's sad that this happened, but it does provide a valuable lesson.  The two of them didn't date for very long and due to their schedules, didn't spend a lot of time together.  Based on this article, it seems like the whole situation was driven by infatuation.  And they entered married life unaware of the impending land mines the article described--both being stubborn and unwilling to back down in arguments, or Perry being into parties while Brand being a homebody.

(Given Brand's history of drug addiction, I can understand why he'd want to avoid the club scene.)

Marriage is one of the most important decisions one will make in one's entire life and it should not be rushed into.  Had the two of them dated longer or spent more time together while they were dating, these issues could have been dealt with earlier or their relationship could have ended earlier when it would have been less painful and problematic for all involved.

(And from a Christian perspective, there's the moral issues of divorce and remarriage afterward, which is another can of worms entirely.  Bringing that issue into play and it makes the stakes even higher and getting to know the other person better and deal with any issues beforehand even more important.)


  1. Plus it's a celebrity. Those tend to breakup pretty regularly.

  2. Not all of them. Christopher Lee and his wife have been married for decades, while Kirk Cameron and his wife haven't been together as long, but they've also adopted four kids (in addition to two of their own).

    Of course, those four are outliers compared to the general "fall in and out of love/have marriages that barely last a month" business in Hollywood.

    Way to set a good example, people.