Saturday, February 18, 2012

Blast From The Past Movie Reviews...

With all the local Blockbusters closing down, I'm considering getting Netflix, especially since they've brought back their DVD-only service.

(I don't have the gadgets needed for streaming and I don't particularly care to spend money on them.)

I checked out Netflix's inventory and found they had some movies I had not seen in a long time--The Presence, which I saw when I was in the fourth grade on NBC with its original title Danger Island, as well as Shrieker, which I saw on the Sci-Fi Channel when I was in high school.

Should I get Netflix, I'll probably order those movies and see how they held up.  It's not the first time I've done this--when I was a freshman in college, I rented Dragonslayer, which I saw when I was in the second grade after finding the children's book based on the movie in the Mount Bethel Elementary School library.  Dragonslayer was still an awesome movie, despite having been made in the early 1980s before the computer-generated special-effects revolution.

More recently, when I was living in McDonough, I rented the animated film The Secret of the NIMH, which I saw in school when I was in kindergarten.  I remember the movie being downright disturbing, especially the scenes in which some of the rats fall down air shafts during the escape from NIMH and when Mrs. Brisby is captured by humans, has her cape taken from her, and escapes naked from the cage after bloodying herself on the metal.  Watching it as an adult, it's not disturbing or frightening, but it's really, really well-done.  Points again to Don Bluth.

Should I do this, chances are you'll see some of them reviewed here.  I'll probably tag them "Blast from the Past."


  1. Cool idea! I look forward to these blasts from the past!

  2. If only I'd had this idea when I saw "The Secret of the NIMH" a year-ish ago.

    Oh well. I suppose I could always see it again, or replace it with "Titan AE." I saw that one in high school as well.