Friday, February 17, 2012

A Dinosaur Playing Basketball...

For the five-year-old in us all...

I remember this commercial from awhile back, when the Toronto Raptors were new.  Very cool.


  1. Vincer Carter! Man, basketball was awesome as a kid!

    Another great dose of nostalgia from you my friend, I thank you!

  2. I've historically been a dinosaur enthusiast, so a professional basketball team named after a particularly intimidating variety of dinosaur was really cool.

    And then there's a commercial featuring playing basketball with a dinosaur.

  3. I was always more of a fan of sharks, but dinos are cool too!

  4. How about we combine them--Carcharodon megalodon. A great white-ish prehistoric shark that might have been up to 100 feet long, fed on whales, and according to cryptid enthusiasts *might still be alive.*