Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Summer and Fall 2021 Convention Schedule (So Far)

Given how lucrative conventions are for me (I profited $400 on a $600 gross at the 2018 Atlanta Comic-Con, equivalent to several months of e-book income, and I profited $168 on $500-ish gross at the moment recent Toylanta show) and COVID seems to be waning, I'm getting events lined up for this summer and fall. This is still in-progress, so I might come back and edit this post as necessary. Hopefully there won't be any COVID spikes or political nonsense that could interfere...

Confirmed Events

August 6-8, 2021: Atlanta Comic-Con-This is the big kahuna--I made all the money I mentioned above when I split the table cost with C.S. Johnson and I've got a partner for this one as well, fellow Atlanta Horror Writers Association member Venessa Giunta. And last time I only had two books, The Thing in the Woods and The Best of Heroic Fantasy Quarterly Vol. 2, the latter of which I straight-up sold out on. This time around I'll have seven books available, including the Thing sequel The Atlanta Incursion (great for two-for-one deals) and the completely new (to ACC) steampunk Wastelands series. I'm also going to set Thing and Battle for the Wastelands e-books to $0.99 and hand out a lot of cards with QR codes linking to them, a strategy that has ginned up e-book sales before.

Also, Cineprov, an Atlanta film comedy troupe whose membership overlaps significantly with Myopia Movies, may be performing there as well. Come for the humor, stay for the products. :)

August 14, 2021: FarleyCon-I found out about this event at Toylanta in mid-March. Although I'm leery of out-of-state events due to hotel costs eating my profits, this event takes place in a suburb outside of Chattanooga, pretty close to the Georgia line. Table costs were pretty low, although owing to the distance mileage is going to be an expense.

October 2, 2021: NextChapterCon-This event is dedicated to independent authors and books solely. I attended two previous events and served as a panelist on multiple panels, so it's good to carry on the tradition. Furthermore, this year's event will be in Dalton rather than Ringgold, meaning hopefully a larger audience given how it's a larger community to start with and Dalton State College is located there..


June 5, 2021: Middle Georgia Comic-Con-This is about as far a drive south as previous events in Dalton and Ringgold were to the north and I've never sold books in middle Georgia before. Furthermore, very low table costs and no need to worry about a hotel.

October 8-10, 2021: Monsterama-This is another relatively new convention. It's a bit of a hike from my day job and so last time I dawdled so much that I ended up not being able to get a table when I finally decided to apply. However, Toylanta showed that going straight from work to a convention that officially starts Friday night in the northern suburbs is completely doable.

October 15-17, 2021: MultiverseCon-I applied for a guest spot and in case I don't get it, I'll apply for a vending table. I was one of the vendors at the first event, made a good profit, and even met the woman who edited Thing first edition for Digital Fiction Publishing, so hopefully the next event will be even better.

Haven't Taken The Plunge Yet

September 17-19, 2021: Fandemic Dead-This is something I would only do with a partner owing to its high table costs, but there are a whole lot of actors from The Walking Dead coming. We're talking the people who played major characters like Negan and Glenn, not bit players. Given how much of a big deal this is, it might be worth the risk of spending that much money on a table.

And who knows, maybe I'll meet Jeffrey Dean Morgan and see if he's impressed by my Negan impersonation? One of my former students said it was "very good and very terrifying."

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