Tuesday, December 15, 2015

THREE Cool Sci-Fi and Fantasy Movie Trailers For You!

A couple more cool trailers for movies I'd like to see have graced my laptop in recent days.

Here's the first one, the science fiction/alien invasion saga Independence Day: Resurgence. For anybody who hasn't been hiding under a rock for the last twenty years, that's the sequel to Independence Day.

Looks pretty cool. When I first saw the trailer I was wondering why there was another attack on Earth itself. One would think the aliens would have learned not to descend into a gravity well to battle the natives, while we would want to engage them as far away as possible. I was hoping for human-made City Destroyers to duke it out with alien City Destroyers in deep space.

Well, this website chronicling "The War of 1996" kind of explains that. There are bases on Mars and Saturn's moon Rhea, so either the alien attackers bypassed them (not hard given how planets orbit) or blasted through them. And now the battle has come to Earth itself, to the older survivors of the war (including a crazy-seeming ex-president) and new heroes...

And here's something that came out Monday, Star Trek Beyond.

If I remember right, the Enterprise leaves on "the five-year mission" to explore uncharted space at the end of Star Trek Into Darkness. So it seems that, not long into the mission, the Enterprise is wrecked by hostile aliens and its crew stranded. Furthermore, they're in the hands of hostile aliens intent on "push[ing] back" against the Federation itself.

I'm wondering how Kirk and friends get out of this pickle. And I also like McCoy's "isn't this just typical" line. :)

Finally, there's this Harry Potter spin-off, the film adaptation of Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them.

Author J.K. Rowling created a fantasy world that's so huge that there's plenty of room for more stories other than those about Harry and his friends. The fan-fic covering the Marauder Era (when Harry's parents were in school), the next generation, etc. shows that.

But all of that is in Great Britain. Here we get to see what the American wizarding community is like. There's not much here, but it looks nice.

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