Monday, January 2, 2012

A WWI Alternate History Scenario for the New Year

Here's my first post of the New Year: A WWI alternate-history scenario courtesy of the message-board I'm a member of.

The gist of it is that the Germans build a larger number of submarines, which the British did not take seriously (unlike the surface fleet, which ratcheted up tensions between the two states), in addition to their historical naval buildup.  This strategy of asymmetric warfare (in this context following a totally different strategy than the expected one of matching Britain battleship-for-battleship) bites the British really hard on the behind when WWI comes as it did in our world.

Here's the link:

Prince Henry of Prussia: The Rise of the U-Boat

This world's version of the German raid on the British fleet base at Scapa Flow just got a lot worse for Britain.  I get the impression the roll-up of Germany's overseas colonies is going to be a lot harder--for starters, the U-Boats just foiled the attempted blockade of Germany's Chinese outpost Tsingtao.

I don't think this is going to turn into a one-sided German rampage, although the comments in an in-universe history book seem to indicate ultimately Germany eclipses Britain as the world's premiere naval power.  Let us remember that every action has a reaction...

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