Sunday, January 29, 2012

"Game of Thrones" Season Two Videos

Here're some videos for Game of Thrones Season Two.

This one is the introduction of Stannis Baratheon making his claim for the Iron Throne.  Very grim and flat and Stannis-esque. 

This one is a more general teaser here, featuring the burning of the idols of the Seven by Stannis after he allies with the priestess Melisandre, Joffrey being the evil brat he is, the riot in King's Landing, Theon going back to his Ironborn roots, Arya Stark at Harrenhal, and I wonder who that woman getting naked and then taking some fellow for a ride is?  I'm guessing it's Jeyne Westerling, since the man she's offering herself to vaguely looks like Robb Stark.

Given how raunchy and violent A Song of Ice and Fire is, only HBO or some other premium network could produce it how it should be.  However, I'm loathe to spend that kind of money on a channel just to watch one show.  Luckily the Season One DVD/Blu-Ray comes out in March.

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