Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Anthology Containing My Short Story Is Now For Sale

The third edition of the Kindle anthology Digital Science Fiction, which contains my short story "Coil Gun," is now available for purchase.

Buy it here for Kindle!

Buy it here for Kindle, the Nook, and other formats!

Also, here is some content that my loyal readers might appreciate.

For starters, here's the map of the world in which "Coil Gun" takes place. 

And here's the current version of the timeline leading up to the events of "Coil Gun" and what happens afterward.

I figured you all would appreciate some background material on the world this is set in.  I've got one more completed story set in this world, "Picking Up Plans In Palma," that I hope to submit to Digital Science Fiction when it opens for submissions for the fifth edition.  I've also got an incomplete story set in this universe entitled "Killing The Rijnsburg" that focuses on the spaceplane attack that destroy the titular Afrikaner battle-station (and will also feature the destruction of the Montgomery as well) I can finish and send in.

I've also got some novels that take place during the lead-up to WWIII and during the war itself and its aftermath plotted out, although one won't need to read the short fiction in order to understand what's happening.  Some of the characters in the novels appear (or are mentioned) in "Picking Up Plans in Palma," but that's just "showing" some of their back-story rather than "telling" it--the important stuff will be related in a "telling" away in the novel itself, although I can imagine including "Palma" text as flashbacks.

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Here's the link.


  1. I hope to have it read and reviewed by Friday. Also, would you like for me to make a new map? That one looks like it's in need of an update.

  2. That would be awesome.

    I just Facebook'd you re: the map.