Saturday, September 24, 2011

Lots of Internet Publicity for "Coil Gun"

Ever since Pressure Suite - Digital Science Fiction Anthology 3, which contains my short story "Coil Gun," debuted, I've been using the Internet to market it.

For starters, since the story is set in a timeline I created on an alternate-history Internet forum, I promoted the heck out of it there.  The threads about it are mostly in forums where non-members do not have access, so here's the link to the actual timeline of the world it's set in.  Go to the very end for some discussion about how just how the Afrikaner Confederation will incorporate much of India and present-day Indonesia--the username whose handle is "gksa" came up with some really interesting ideas I intend to use.

And that has led to further promotion.  Korsgaard, who I know from the forum, wrote a review of the entire anthology on my friend Nick's blog and reviewed "Coil Gun" individually on his own blog.

Then Korsgaard's friend Mitro mentioned my story and got some comments from Digitial Science Fiction Editor Michael Wills and then interviewed me about "Coil Gun" and the craft of writing in general.

And Digital Science Fiction was so kind as to link back to all of them on its own web-site.

Hooray for networking!

And then there's this here, the Internet Speculative Fiction Database.  Not sure who runs it exactly, but it's some additional material on my story.

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