Monday, August 23, 2010

The Draka/Stargate Story is Back

Earlier, I'd blogged about a fan-fiction story entitled "Snakepit" that was a crossover between the Stargate fiction universe and S.M. Stirling's Draka novels.  The author, a member of my alternate-history forum, disappeared for awhile but is now back and posting.

Unfortunately, in the meantime, the Alien Space Bats forum of went members-only, so I won't be able to post links here for my readers into enjoy.  Luckily, he's posting the story on other places too.

Behold, "Stars of Iron."

Thus far, the story is centered around the New America, the sleeper-ship that was supposed to carry 100,000 Alliance survivors to the habitable world of Samothrace at Alpha Centauri.  Fortunately for them (the Draka had gotten FTL tech from a Goa'uld captive and more stuff on it from their Tollan allies and would be waiting for them), the alien known as Loki intervened and towed the ship to the other side of the galaxy.

There, they found an Ancient space-station with a giant habitable dome for them to live in...

My readers of a more squeamish/conservative bent might like this story better than "Snakepit" because it, thus far, is following the Alliance survivors.  Unlike the Draka, they're not a grisly gaggle of slavers, tyrants, and unpleasant folk with Foghorn-Leghorn accents bent on galactic domination with a propensity for molesting their slaves, impaling rebels, and generally misbehaving.  In fact, probably in reaction to the libertine Draka, they're more culturally conservative and more Catholic than our world's U.S.

I don't think it's as interesting as "Snakepit," thus far, but then, it's only the beginning.

For background, here's the author's page.  It's got the original "Snakepit" and two spinoffs, "Loving on the Edge of a Blade" and "The Return of the Janissaries."

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