Sunday, August 29, 2010

An Interesting Piece of Starcraft Fan-Art (Spoilers for "SC2")

I visited the site yesterday and a new batch of fan-art had been posted.  Most of it had to do with Sarah Kerrigan and most of the individual pieces depicted her as being the Queen of Blades (the infested ruler of the Zerg).

However, I did find one post-deinfestation piece that I thought was really interesting.  The artist is named Marco Kunardi.  I'd post the image itself, but I'm not sure if that'd be legal (the site's submission guidelines state that they're granted Blizzard non-exclusive use, but I would still need to ask permission from the author, I would imagine).

So here's the link:

Basically it depicts Kerrigan, as a human, wearing customized Ghost armor that has a lot of spikes and a pair of bladed robotic limbs attached.  It mimicks her Zerg carapace and extra limbs from when she was Queen of Blades.

That reminded me of some speculation as to where Starcraft 2: Heart of the Swarm was heading.  Someone on theorized that since it's similar to a role-playing game and is centered around Kerrigan, her version of the Terran campaign's "research path" could center around either improving her Ghost abilities or Zerg abilities, with the latter path possibly leading to her once more becoming the Queen of Blades (and making all the other characters hostile).

The artwork seems to depict one permutation of option #1.  She's a Ghost again, but with the biological weaponry of the Zerg replaced with robotics.  Such a configuration would make sense, if she'd gotten used to fighting with the extra limbs her Zerg infestation gave her.

(There's a post-Wings of Liberty fanfic that depicts her in a sparring match with Nova, another female Ghost, and she instinctively tries to use her former "wings," only to find them not there.  She ended up on her behind in that one and in a real fight, could have been killed.)

That'd be an interesting option for Blizzard to include in Heart of the Swarm.  One could even get some storyline drama out of it--someone might see her mimicking her previous incarnation, using technological instead of biological means, and get freaked out.

Plus it'd be really awesome--she'd have her Ghost weaponry, cloaking ability, psionic attacks, etc. and a really awesome melee attack too.

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  1. I! Wesker!

    think the wings in that fanart are too short to effectively use it battle.

    (I find them off putting for other reasons too but I kind went into those on the forums and I don't feel like typing them again)

    it would be a pretty awesome melee attack though and the rest of the armor is badass.

    I really doubt that Blizzard is gonna let you go full on Terran or full on Zerg as that would probably change the ending, and the ending has to be set so it can lead into LoTV.