Friday, April 2, 2010

Productivity Update...

Here's my latest productivity update:

Wrote and posted a new chapter on the "Revenge of the Fallen Reboot." The leadup to my planned uber-climax has begun.

(Not going to reveal it here, since some of my fanfic readers frequent my blog. Sufficient to say, it's going to make a lot more geographical sense than the film did, have the Fallen actually rising again, and have Starscream do more than just get abused by Megatron.)

As far as my original work is concerned, I've been having both writing groups review chapters of Escape from the Wastelands and tinkering further. Got some good suggestions, but I've only made a few revisions to the text thus far.

Much of the creative energy devoted to Escape from the Wastelands has been pondering whether to introduce Grendel Black, my story's Big Bad, in an earlier chapter, perhaps one taking place after the Flesh-Eaters curb-stomp the Carroll Town militia but before they occupy Carroll Town itself.  In my original plan, we do not meet Grendel himself until the aftermath of the storming of Carroll Town.  This chapter would explain in more detail why he, overlord of all the lands between the mountains, desert, and seas, is in some podunk town that's more a vassal of the Flesh-Eaters than an actual part of their territory.  Much more worldbuilding and character development (Grendel and Andrew will alternate POVs) this way.

Plus, although I referred to the story once as a "post-apocalyptic steampunk Western," I didn't think about including the most steampunky element of all--airships--until last Friday.  I was at the Honda place getting my 90,000 mile service and wrote a little on my notepad.  I described Grendel returning to his capital and, between the pillars of smoke from the industrial concerns, were airships.

This changes the military dynamic considerably.  Airships mean a much greater ability to do recon, aerial bombing, rapid resupply, perhaps even airborne troop insertions.

My Kennesaw writing group is meeting tomorrow, to discuss Chapter Four (the destruction of the Carroll Town militia).  We'll see how it goes.

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