Monday, April 19, 2010

Some Selections from "The Armed Man"

A few weeks ago, I saw Karl Jenkins' "The Armed Man" in Griffin, Georgia.  It's a group of musical numbers, complete with video snippets and, in the case of the Griffin performance (and apparently no others on Earth), a ballet.

I really enjoyed it, but unfortunately, there were no CDs available for sale.  However, since "The Armed Man" has been performed all over the world, there are plenty of snippets on YouTube.

My two favorite numbers were "The Armed Man" (the opening number) and "Sanctus."

I'm going to experiment a bit with posting video.  Here's a performance of "The Armed Man"

Here's the same people performing "Sanctus"

There were other musical pieces as well, including the ending song "Better is Peace" that sounded a whole lot like "The Armed Man," to the point I think it was a deliberate remix.

I just found that the entirety of the performance can be purchased from Amazon, either as a CD or an MP3 download.  Hopefully these two videos will whet your appetite for more.  I might well buy the CD myself.

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