Sunday, July 17, 2011

If a Facebook Ad Brought You Here, Sound Off!

I recently bought $50 worth of Facebook advertising to promote my blog.  According to Facebook, the ad reached close to 40,000 people and got 25 clicks.  Facebook charged me $9.05 for those clicks, so I imagine by the time the $50 runs out, I'll have gotten 125 to 150 clicks. 

I initially cast a very wide net that got little attention, so based on the advice of my little brother and some half-remembered journalism school lessons about narrowly-focused advertising being more effective, I reworked the ad to include Harry Potter, Starcraft, and Transformers in the actual ad and for it to focus on people who have indicated interest in those three topics (and science fiction, writing, etc).

Thing is, I've seen Facebook links (that aren't blog-links I've posted on my wall or other people's walls) with URLs like apps.facebook and the like on the blog's list of traffic sources, but I haven't seen that many of these clicks.  The Facebook ad redirects people to, so clicking on the advertisement should bring one straight here.

Setting up an ad on Facebook was fairly easy and I checked it twice to be sure it's directing to the right site, so I don't think I've made a mistake in the ad itself.  So, if you're coming here because you clicked on a Facebook ad, I'd like you to comment on this post so I can be sure everything's working.

Any help you all could provide would be greatly appreciated.


  1. Let me know how this works for you man, I hope it does wonders for you.

  2. I set up 2 campaigns yesterday, 1 has been suspended, have no idea why and helpfully they don’t tell you.

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