Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Soon I Shall Be On YouTube!

I am a member of a North Fulton group and through this group, I met my friend Thomas Herman. He and his brother have a YouTube channel with lots of amusing videos. Earlier tonight, I guest-starred on his channel. This consisted of interacting with an alien puppet that asked me if I feared he would take my job and if I wanted to deport him to Space Mexico before we sat down to discuss my Kindle stories.

It should go online within a day or two and I will post it here when it does. In the meantime, here are some amusing videos from his channel.

This is a funny one he showed me just before the interview began.

On My 64 Parody

This one is one of if not the most popular video.

The Alien Song: A Brief Guide To Extraterrestrial Terminology

Enjoy everybody!

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