Thursday, December 6, 2012

New "Star Trek: Into Darkness" Teaser

Found the new trailer for Star Trek: Into Darkness this morning:

It looks awesome. No Khan*, but so long as they don't explicitly get rid of him (one member of my message-board suggested having the Klingons gratuitously use the Botany Bay as target practice) they can bring him in later.

*Although Khan was widely reported as the new villain, this guy is too white, too British, and way too physically powerful to be Khan. Khan had twice normal human intelligence and five times normal human strength--he wasn't a telekinetic. Furthermore, IMDB describes him as originating from within Starfleet.

I'm pretty sure the villain is Gary Mitchell. The character depicted in the trailer would match his power levels and note the references in the article to an attractive blonde, who appears very prominently in the trailer.


  1. So the one other thing I thought of that would seem to throw a wrench in the Gary Mitchell theory is: by virtue of the previous movie's reorganization of the Star Trek timeline, ToS effectively never happened. So unless Gary Mitchell was marooned in a similar fashion in the intervening years between Star Trek movies, those events never happened. Not saying it's Khan (though the scene at the end of the extended trailer blatantly invokes Star Trek II: ), but I'm not sure Gary Mitchell would make sense.

  2. Thanks for the link. I'll see what's there and maybe post it here.

    Gary Mitchell is the only "super-powered evil Starfleet officer" I'm aware of. I did hear stuff online it was GM and not Khan, especially since Cumberbatch is the wrong ethnicity for Khan and Hollywood is more sensitive about "race-lifting" these days.

    I have heard GM was in a nuTrek comic and was killed, but things might've changed.

  3. Just watched the trailer. A blonde Starfleet girl is heavily tied in with the Gary Mitchell story in TOS, but the "anything you would not do for your family" line ties in with another theory, that this is actually Kirk's brother.