Thursday, August 9, 2012

"Iron Sky" Trailer Music That Isn't In The Movie...

I saw Iron Sky in Atlanta last night and will probably blog about it later.  However, here's something I noticed that I was rather disappointed in. 

The trailer I posted here months ago has some really awesome orchestral music made even more awesome by the overlay of marching feet as the Nazi invaders board their flying saucers to invade Earth.  That music isn't actually in the movie.

However, thanks to TVTropes, I found the music on YouTube.  It actually predates Iron Sky, but it has very appropriate lyrics--it's about space travel and colonization in a very "WE WILL CONQUER THE UNIVERSE" type of way.  It's called B Mashina by the Slovenian band Laibach, which apparently also created the soundtrack to the film.

For some reason I am having trouble copying the embed HTML to post it here, but here's the link:


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