Sunday, May 13, 2012

Steampunk War of the Worlds Sequel Coming...

Found this on my alternate-history forum this morning.  It's an animated sequel to War of the Worlds in which the Martians are back for round two and we face them with reverse-engineered Martian weapons.

The animation style seems more Japanese than Western, but not as much as, say, Pokemon or Dragonball Z.  I'd compare it more to the new Thundercats.  Plus it definitely doesn't suffer from the Animation Age Ghetto--we've got people's flesh dissolving off their bones on-camera and between the blond woman unbuttoning her shirt and later the way her head is bouncing, there's probably on-screen sex.

Here's the link to the film's web-site.  The film will be released sometime in 2012 and it will be theatrical, not just direct to video.

Let's hope this works.  Animation is something that could be very useful for adapting large-scale fantasy and science-fiction properties.  For example, if Game of Thrones were animated, you could have all the soap-opera hijinks and large-scale battle scenes.  However, in the United States at least, this hasn't been done much and when it has been done, it hasn't always been successful (Titan A.E. is an example).

I've got a partial script written for Coil Gun.  If this movie proves successful, it could set a useful precedent.

One quibble--this isn't the actual trailer that tells what the story is about, which can be found on the web-site.  Let's hope the film is advertised using the trailer and not a random montage of fight scenes that look cool but don't explain the plot.

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