Saturday, July 30, 2011

"Stars of Iron" Is Back (SPOILERS)

Stars of Iron, the sequel to the Stargate/Draka crossover Snakepit, has just been updated for the first time in around six months.

"Snakepit" saw the Draka discover the Stargate after an incursion into the Solar System by a badly-damaged Goa'uld starship, conquer Abydos, and assist this timeline's version of the Tollans in their fight against the System Lord Tanith.  Meanwhile, the Alliance refugees aboard their sleeper-ship The New America were transported to the other side of the galaxy by the Asgardian known as Loki after he uses an Alliance officer with the Ancient gene to wipe out the Replicators.

(Deus ex machina, I know, but Stargate is full of them.)

Thus far, "Stars of Iron" follows the Alliance survivors who find they've been transported to an Ancient station.  They establish themselves there, find Stargates of their own, and begin exploring the wider galaxy themselves.  They accidentally dial Earth and discover the Draka have the Stargate too before encountering the forces of the System Lord Ba'al.  Things get worse...

It's a good story so far, although the Alliance right now is in a bit of a spot.  Hopefully the author won't let it go un-updated for six months again, so we'll see this storyline play out in a relatively timely fashion.

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