Sunday, July 17, 2011

Some Off-the-Wall (But Plausible) Alternate History Scenarios

Here are a couple of alternate-history scenarios posted on that are incredibly plausible and well-thought-out responses to fairly bizarre challenges.

The first one is a challenge to get Alexander the Great in Japan.  Although some people thought it was ridiculous, the user-name whose handle is Admiral Matt came up with a really awesome scenario.

Alexander the Great in Japan

To make a long story short, there's a mutiny against Alexander while he's in Afghanistan and he and his loyalists end up wandering across Asia, intermarry with some horse-tribes, and conquer Korea.  As an old man, he invades Japan to fight pirates there.  AM made a comment about how he wouldn't get anything more than a novelette out of this scenario.  I think I'll post this entry in the original thread to jog his memory.  That scenario was just awesome.

Here's a second one, based on a topic I posted this afternoon in response to a discussion about neo-paganism in a society with minimal Abrahamic religious influence.  I came up with the notion of a Wiccan Tibet.

The user whose handle is jakewilson posted the following scenario:

(Partially) Wiccan Tibet

Basically, Tibet ends up a protectorate of an India that becomes a British Dominion (think Canada) and Gerald Gardner, the founder of Wicca, visits the country.  He notices the use of pentagrams in Tibetan Buddhist ritual and ties it in with his "Witch Cult" theory.

Those of you who are interested in alternate history and creativity in general might like these scenarios.

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  1. I always liked that idea of Alexander the Great setting up shop in the Orient following exile from his first empire.