Wednesday, May 26, 2010

"Jonah Hex" Trailer

Here's the trailer for Jonah Hex, which comes out in mid-June.

Jonah Hex is based one of the lesser-known DC comics characters.  It looks like they've changed his origin story a bit, based on how he gets the facial scarring.

I think the movie looks rather cool.  It's a fantasy Western with a protagonist with supernatural powers blowing things up and seeking revenge, all with steampunk-style uber-guns.  Definitely going to see this one.

Now I guess I can see if Megan Fox really can act or if she's just a pretty face.  I've only seen her in the Transformers movies, in which she played a high-school girl.  She apparently had a similar role in Jennifer's Body, which I did not see.

Playing a high-schooler when one is in one's early 20s doesn't seem too difficult.  She seemed to pull it off well enough in Transformers, although I've heard Jennifer's Body was rather bad.  Playing an 1880s heavily-armed hooker is an entirely different matter.

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  1. From what I've heard, almost nobody watched Jennifer's Body. It tanked seriously.