Thursday, May 6, 2010

New Diet Very Helpful to Autistic Fellow

My co-worker Thomas wrote this article about a young man with autism who, after going on a drastically altered diet, became essentially (no offense) "normal."  He made his diet the center of his Eagle Scout project.

I'm not going to claim to be an expert on autism, but given the drastic nature of the results, going on a similar diet (no gluten, casein, egg, and soy) might be very beneficial for those with the disorder.  I do not know if it would work in all cases, but it seems to have worked very well with Mr. Cannon.


  1. You're a fucking idiot.

  2. You think you'll get a different response insulting me on my own blog than you'd get insulting me on while I've been kicked and can't respond, and yet *I'm* the idiot?

    (Yes, I know you're AngleAngel.)

    I *never* said you could *cure* autism by changing one's diet.

    However, if certain substances in foods aggravate autism and make the condition worse, cutting those substances out of the diet would logically avoid this.

    (His mother told me that I, like him, take everything literally, so some symptoms might still be present, given how one of the traits of autism is to want everything to be orderly and unchanging, IIRC.)

    Of course, a friend of mine suggested when I posted this article on Facebook the issue might be food allergies and consequent cognitive problems rather than autism. However, he isn't a doctor and never met Mr. Cannon.