Friday, August 3, 2012

Behold, I Offer You Swag!

I'm going to embark on a little experiment here.  Awhile back, I joined the Atlanta Bloggers group and met Emma, founder of Fanbolt.  One of her techniques for growing Fanbolt was offering Fanbolt t-shirts, hats, etc. to new Twitter and Facebook followers. Some newspapers do this as well.

Well, I'll take a page from them and offer some swag of my own...

Here's the current map of the world where my professionally-published short story "Coil Gun" takes place. Last Christmas, I gave a coffee-mug with that map on it to my friend Nick, since he'd reviewed an early draft of "Coil Gun."  He's regularly used that mug--it's even made an appearance on Facebook, in a photo showing his dog Scout seated with him at the table like a person.

The twelfth new Twitter follower and the twelfth new Facebook fan will receive mugs featuring the map.  This offer will run as long as it needs to.  However, the longer it takes to reach the twelve mark on both ends, the more likely it is I'll forget I made this offer, so act now.  :)

By the way, "Coil Gun" appeared in Pressure Suite: Digital Science Fiction #3.  My friend Korsgaard reviewed both the book and "Coil Gun" specifically.  If you're interested in science fiction, you'll love the book.

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