Sunday, March 18, 2018

HERE BE TYGERS Podcast Interview!

Thanks to Thomas Herman of The Brothers Herman YouTube Channel and the podcast The Geekly Oddcast, I met Jarod Cerf, a writer and podcaster from New York. He interviewed me about The Thing in the Woods for his new podcast, Here Be Tygers and this past week, it went live.

Highlights of the podcast include:

*How The Thing in the Woods came to be. The tale dates all the way back to 2006 and the dead wonderland known as Borders. I'm obviously not going to give a lot away here, but it also involves the infamous Atlanta Snowpocalypse.

*Tips on writing, both from my own experiences and that of Delilah S. Dawson, another writer I know who manages to be far more productive than I am with far more real-life responsibilities.

*Creating good villains, in particular cult leader Phil Davidson. Remember, everybody is the hero of their own story and nobody lacks at least some good qualities.

*Who would play what character in a film or television adaptation. A fair number of The Walking Dead cast members are proposed, including Norman Reedus as the thuggish Reed and, although he doesn't look the part, Jeffrey Dean Morgan as the conflicted Sam.

Here are the places you can find the podcast:

This might not be the last time I appear on the podcast--Jarod and I have briefly discussed future segments on "history's losers" like the Kadet Party in early 20th Century Russia or the Albigensians in medieval France.

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