Monday, June 29, 2015

An Addendum To My "Other Authors' Sandboxes" Post...

The other day, I posted about how cool it is to let other writers write material set in your world and how this is ultimately enriching toward your own projects.

Well, longtime blogger buddy Sean C.W. Korsgaard was so kind as to post this video in the Comments section.

This is video he recorded himself at RavenCon, a big sci-fi/fantasy convention in Richmond named for Edgar Allen Poe, and posted on his YouTube channel. The authors present are Rich Groller, John Betancourt, Philippa Ballantine and Robert Waters. All of them have written tie-in fiction set in worlds originally created by others.

Topics discussed include Kindle Worlds, why established authors (typically) avoid reading fan-fic like the plague, etc.

So if you liked my recent blog post about playing in other people's sandboxes and if you're interested in writing using someone else's intellectual property, this is a video you might like to watch...

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