Thursday, February 13, 2014

A Four-Story Andrew Patel Collection?

My friend Jeff Baker, in an addendum to a guest post I wrote for him awhile back, said that in order to really get one's Kindle sales going, one should have 20-25 items available. Counting the new Spanish version of "I am the Wendigo," I only have eight KDP stories available at present alongside the professionally-published Kindle anthology that hosted "Coil Gun."

I do have another short story planned (although it needs more revision and so it'll be awhile), with another cover courtesy of Alex Claw. However, I do remember reading online somewhere that stories priced at $0.99 don't sell as well as more expensive offerings due to the theory they're not very good. I had "The Beast of the Bosporus" and "Picking Up Plans In Palma" priced at $1.25 for awhile (and "Beast" is still $1.25 on Smashwords) due to their length, but I think Amazon lowered the "Beast" price to $0.99 on its own and I lowered "Palma" to $0.99 to try to get more sales.

So here's the plan. I've got two stories centered on supervillain Andrew Patel ("Ubermensch" and "Needs Must") already available and ideas for two more stories focused on the further consequences of the events of "Ubermensch." I'll write both of those stories and package them with the first two in a four-story collection selling for $3.00 each. Although short stories aren't necessarily worth the time spent on them, this would be providing my fans something different at a somewhat higher price point. And the second two stories (tentatively titled "Actions Have Consequences" and "New Friends, Old Enemies") won't be available individually, at least at first.

Should this gambit succeed it might be worthwhile to write more stories following Andrew Patel, both a planned set of prequel stories involving a rival supervillain based on the Nuwaubian Nation and more stories set after the original tetralogy following the rivalry between Patel and the hero Silverbolt. And perhaps pricier deluxe editions of the original stories that've got illustrations of key scenes?

Hmm...that's an idea I could implement for all of my stories...

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