Saturday, May 4, 2013

Matthew W. Quinn's First YouTube Interview

Earlier, I told you, my loyal readers, I would soon be on YouTube. Well, the video is done and ready for your entertainment:

(That's me on the left, with Thomas on the right. Here's the original video on YouTube. You can use that as a base to look at Thomas's other YouTube videos.)

I hope you all like it. I came across Delilah S. Dawson video-blogging earlier this year and thought that would be a good idea, but my lack of a dedicated video camera and editing equipment would make doing that more difficult. Luckily I've got friends with YouTube channels... :)

This interview features my providing some background to my self-published short stories and advice for aspiring writers.

Here are the Amazon pages of James R. Tuck and Alex Hughes. Here's my Amazon page, where you can buy the short stories I'm talking about here. Here's Katherine's blog, which includes a bibliography.

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