Friday, November 25, 2011

A Church Friend Has a Book Out!

The author's page for the book

The book's Amazon page

I've attended some Fusion gatherings associated with Buckhead Church over the years and at one of them, I made the acquaintance of Robert Bunch.  We talked a fair bit about writing and he told me about a book he was working on it.  If I remember right, it was a Christian allegory of some kind and it involved a journey into a forest.

Robert moved back to Iowa to look after a sick relative and I haven't seen him since.  However, he just posted on Facebook that not only has he finished his book (which has changed a bit since we discussed it), but he has published it and it's now available on Amazon.  I took a look at Renatus Publishing and though it seems to be Iowa-based, the web-site is rather bare.  It seems like a legit publisher, based on the price of the book.

(The price seems pretty standard for a hardcover--self-published/print-on-demand books tend to be more expensive because they're printed one at a time and not in bulk.)

That's a point in Robert's favor--he didn't self-publish it, but sold it to a real publishing house.

If you all are interested in supporting a new writer, give him a look.  If the hardback price is a deterrent, mark your calender for January--that's when the softcover and Kindle editions come out.

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