Monday, October 11, 2010

A Wikipedia Favor to Ask...

I've managed to snag around 50 or so hits since May, at least according to Blogger's Stats tab, due to linking my blog to Wikipedia.  I've added material to articles about S.M. Stirling's novel Drakon, Stirling's "Emberverse" series of books, and I think one or two other pages, citing my blog as reference.  After all, thanks to my visits to DragonCon, I've managed to do some original reporting and research on the authors who've spoken and the fictional universes they've created.

(For example, at the 2009 DragonCon, Stirling said that the Samothracians defeated the Draka colonization fleet in a battle that is mentioned in Drakon due to having a superior ship and confirmed that the Walker family who serve the tyrannical Church Universal and Triumphant in the Emberverse novels are the left-behind family members of William Walker, the villain of Island in the Sea of Time and its sequels.)

I've got some ideas for additional Wikipedia pages I'm going to augment with material from my blog, but two (or three or ten or twenty) heads are better than one.  It would be really helpful if those of you who are Wikipedia aficionados and think there's useful material in my blog could add it to the appropriate Wikipedia articles and cite my blog as a reference.  Although the DragonCon articles contain most of the new material, there might be stuff in other articles that is relevant to other subjects.  Use your imagination and your best judgement.

If this gambit works out, there's more information on Wikipedia for those who are interested and more readers for my blog, benefiting both the Internet community at large and me.

If you all could do that and post the pages you've augmented and a summary of the material you've added as comments on this page, that would be really nice.


  1. I would like to ask, how did you link into Wikipedia? I would like to do the same with some of my blog articles if possible.

  2. Here's the reference code for the "According to Quinn" link I added to the article about S.M. Stirling's novel "Drakon."

    [ DragonCon 2009 Q&A]

    You can adapt that to your own blog. You basically use the "insert reference" option and plug the code in.

  3. Thanks. I tried it originally and they delete the links.