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A Free Stargate/Battlestar Galactica Crossover Outline Seeking Writer...

On my alternate-history discussion forum, someone posted a suggestion for a science-fiction scenario in which the Twelve Colonies of Kobol (from the 2003 "re-imagining" of Battlestar Galactica) were attacked by the Goa'uld of the Stargate television series.  The basic plot was that the Twelve Lords of Kobol worshiped by the Colonials were actually Goa'uld System Lords who now sought to reclaim their runaway slaves.

That prompted a lively discussion as to how the Colonials--and the Cylons--might fare against the System Lords.  The board member with the handle AtriumCarceris said the Colonials and Cylons' weapons would be ineffective against Goa'uld shields and even the Season One System Lords would grossly outmatch them.  He also cited the figure of 200 megatons for a single shot from a System Lord ha'tak (mothership), a blow that would one-shot a battlestar or basestar.

The Stargate Season Two episode "The Serpent's Lair" depicts a one-gigaton (1,000 megatons) nuclear missile failing to penetrate the shields of the System Lord Apophis's ha'tak.  I watched that episode on Hulu to see what exactly happens and it appears the ships' shields spread the force of the impact around like a bulletproof vest would when a person is shot--done so well that Teal'c and Dr. Jackson only notice slight turbulence.

I doubt the Colonials have GT-class nuclear weapons, but they do have lots and lots of smaller nukes, plus kinetic-energy weapons. Beam weapons tend to be effective against Goa'uld shields because they pierce the shields at a single point (like a knife going through a bulletproof vest) but nuclear/kinetic spam might be enough to simply overload a Goa'uld shield.

I've pondered how an invasion of the Cyrannus System (where the Twelve Colonies are located) by the Goa'uld would look.  I've created the following sequence of events based on some narrative other board members posted and my own thoughts on how this war might look...

1. Goa'uld System Lord (name) discovers the Cyrannus System. Decides to conquer these uppity humans who have gotten advanced technology without (to his knowledge) any alien assistance. That might give the slaves ideas about the necessity of their "gods."

2. Not being a complete idiot like many System Lords, he sends a small force to scout out the system. I would imagine Death Gliders, troop transports, and al'keshs for heavier support. Goal is to take prisoners and if need be, snake (possess) them.

3. Goa'uld raids on lesser colonies of the system (i.e. the mining settlement Troy, not a biggie like Caprica or Virgon) and capture of civilian ships. Among those captured are humanform-Cylon infiltrators. This is how the Cylons learn of the situation.

Now, I would imagine the raiding parties would encounter Colonial forces either responding to distress signals or investigating the interlopers. Al'keshes have shields and cloaking devices, so they'd be harder targets, but the Death Gliders will be dog meat. The Goa'uld might attack the Galactica itself because it's a weak military target, or the Galactica is the nearest warship capable of responding to a Goa'uld incursion.  The Galactica would carry squadrons of modern Mk. VII Vipers as well as 40 or so Mk. II Vipers from the first war with the Cylons.

The Colonials may be the first to know they're under attack and think these were some splinter group of the 13th Tribe, since after all, they're human. However, the presence of the larval Goa'uld in the Jaffa and full-Goa'uld commanding the Jaffa might clue them in that something is very strange here.

The Cylons, with their superior spatial technology, might be able to track the raiders back to their point of origin. I don't think they would attack immediately, since the System Lord in question is not an immediate danger to them. Perhaps they conduct probes of their own, in an attempt to gather intelligence. That would get them POWs who ramble about "the gods" and if they're attacking major Goa'uld facilities, they'd encounter Goa'uld technology that outmatches them--ha'taks, for example.

Here's where we get into internal Cylon politics. Many Cylons, including Brother Cavil (Dean Stockwell), won't care one whit about the Colonials and might be content to watch the humans fight each other.

However, others might decide the System Lord is a danger to them as well and the less xenophobic might see this as an opportunity to convert the Colonials to the worship of the One True God--after all, here is something that can be used to prove the Lords of Kobol are impostors and not true gods. The Leobens, the Sixes, and the Eights might go for this.

So for the first time in 40 years, the Cylons send an emissary to Armistice Station, in order to discuss an alliance against the new enemy.

Meanwhile, the System Lord, thinking the Colonials are onto him and are likely to attack him themselves, makes ready for a large-scale invasion of the Cyrannus System...

I figured if it was a single low-level System Lord with one or two ha'taks attempting to conquer the Colonies, the Colonials and Cylons could overwhelm him with sheer numbers.  A swarm of thousands of Cylon Raiders armed with nukes would be a particularly dangerous enemy, since the individual fighters have faster-than-light Jump capability and can't be one-shotted with a 200 MT plasma blast.  Masses of nuclear-armed Colonial Raptors would be similarly dangerous.

However, if it was a coalition of System Lords--perhaps all twelve of them that pretended to be the "Lords of Kobol" worshiped by the Colonials' ancestors--the Colonials and Cylons are screwed, especially the Colonials whose population is largely tied to the planets.

Of course, this gives anyone who wants to take this idea the chance to create a mirror version of what happened in the canonical TV program.  The fleeing survivors of the Colonial and Cylon fleets, possibly with Goa'uld infiltrators among them, travel throughout the galaxy in search of Earth--which they could learn is giving the System Lords hell--or other allies to reclaim their occupied worlds.  Survivors of the Colonial military trapped in the Cyrannus system could wage a guerrilla war against the occupying Jaffa armies.

The board member whose handle is Mike Stearns suggested that a captured Stargate could be set up at Ragnar Anchorage, which is hidden within a gas giant.  This would work in either a Colonial/Cylon victory or Colonial/Cylon defeat scenario, since the Goa'uld might not think of where it could be hidden.  In a victory scenario, it could be used as a base for wider explorations via the Stargate network; in a defeat scenario, it could be used as a means of funneling personnel, supplies, etc. back and forth between the occupied Cyrannus system and wherever the refugees are hiding.  I suggested Baltar, since he's a polymath (computer and biological sciences) could be a participant in the program.

I've got a lot going on these days, so I simply do not have time to write a crossover fan-fic covering this scenario, however awesome it might be.  I'm posting this idea here so that anyone who is interested can take the idea and run with it.  I would appreciate my name and blog URL be included as the source for the idea, however.

Good luck, have fun, and send me links when they get posted!

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