Thursday, September 6, 2012

"Melon Heads" Available Now

I have just dipped my toe into the waters of self-publishing.  I have made my short story "Melon Heads" available on for the Kindle.

"Melon Heads" is based on an urban legend I read about in college.  The gist of it is that back in the 1950s, a doctor in Ohio offered to treat some hydrocephalic children in his rural home.  Unfortunately for the kids, he was an abusive sadist who experimented on them.  One day they rose up against him, killed him and ate him, and fled into the surrounding woods.  They've been living there ever since, killing animals and (according to legend) attacking people.

I figured nobody had actually done a horror story based on the legend and started writing.  It's gone through many drafts and although still a horror story, now has some touches of black comedy.  I'm writing a screenplay based on it now.

I've set it to be free for the Kindle today and tomorrow, sacrificing two of my five Amazon Prime free promotional days.  If you could read and review (definitely review, even if you don't like it), that would be awesome.

This probably won't be the last one either.  I sold a short story in college called "I am the Wendigo" to a webzine that paid me $20 and then went under a few months later.  Now the original market is gone, I can do with it what I'd like, but the market for horror reprints isn't that strong. provides a perfect solution.

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  1. It was a fantastic little story, and I loved every minute! Trust me when I say this was the best 99 cents I'll spend all week (if not all month).

    Also, let me know how the screenplay goes - I have a good friend whose majoring in film, and if you're interested, I'm sure he'd take a look at it.