Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Whiskey on the Rocks: The Soviet-Swedish War of 1981

I had myself blocked from posting on my alternate-history forum for a month to avoid distractions from Battle for the Wastelands, but I do swing by from time to time to see if scenarios I like have been updated and to send personal messages if I just have to comment.

Here's something I found the other night.  It's called Whiskey on the Rocks: The Soviet-Swedish War of 1981.  Basically a Soviet intrusion into Swedish territorial waters leads to a skirmish, which escalates.  So far the Swedes are doing surprisingly well, but the Soviet Union outweighs them so massively that unless the war is brought to an end pronto, they're going to get gorilla-mauled.  Considering the hit the Swedish surface forces have taken thus far, one could argue the gorilla-mauling has already begun.

(And they're not part of NATO, so it's not like the U.S. is going to go to war to protect them, like we would in the case of West Germany.)

I don't know a whole lot about Swedish military gear or the Soviet equipment of that era, so I wouldn't have a whole lot to say even if I could post.  I think my personal-messaging will be restricted to encouraging Jim Smitty to continue the timeline and perhaps start writing fiction (or a fake history book like For Want of a Nail) set in it.  There's not a lot of Scandinavia-centered stuff.  Even if it's not mainstream enough for U.S. audiences, perhaps Swedes tired of their history being ignored might like it.

There is a paying alternate-history magazine accepting this type of fiction now: Alt Hist.

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