Monday, April 11, 2011

A Housing Bubble -- In the Third Reich!

A member of my alternate-history forum whose handle is varyar wrote a short story describing a housing/building bubble in a victorious Nazi Germany that has colonized much of Eastern Europe--or at least tried to.  It's based on a documentary about the housing bubble in China, only with names changed and some different details added.

Ghost Cities of the Reich

Interesting idea about the possible consequences of a command economy putting ideology and mindless devotion to higher GDPs ahead of economic reality.

There're also some moments of Fridge Horror (TVTropes) once you think about it--the original inhabitants of Warthegau (guess what it used to be called) are never discussed and if the Nazis actually won the war, the cities of the conquered Slavic nations the Germans didn't bother rebuilding in their image could be literal ghost cities.

It's an interesting little read.

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