Wednesday, December 29, 2010

An Indian Muslim Woman Stands Up to Extremism

Good to see that this woman is able to stand up to the prejudice many Hindu Indians have against Muslim Indians and the elements within her own community who would have her "bury her talent in the sand" so to speak because she is a woman and, according to "traditional" values, ought to dedicate herself solely to familial activities and not use her other abilities.

(See my earlier comments on the film Tangled if you want to read about my severe disdain for those who would try to keep people from living up to their full potential.)

It's unfortunate she did give into the pressure to marry and leave university.  Given her husband's family seem like decent sorts--they haven't tried to stop her from engaging in her health activism, for starters--hopefully she will be able to go back to school and finish her degree.  And hopefully her example will show her brother and others drawn to extremism and attempts to push women out of public life how wrong they are and serve as an example for other Muslim women under similar pressure.


  1. I agree with your hopes for the woman's future.
    Er, is it possible to change a blog-entry's title after you've posted it? I noticed there was a t missing.

  2. Good eye. Thanks for spotting that.

    I just changed the title. Luckily the typo was not in the URL.